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Thread: Bad news about Adelaide

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    Bad news about Adelaide

    Things this month have not been going well for me. Firstly was spraining my ankle so I missed out on a huge amount of shed time just before the show but I still have a couple of knives I could have taken. Now our car is in the process of dieing so we are in the market for a new one but means the funds for visiting Adelaide have been redirected so I won't be able to go this year

    Even the lathe I just bought I have been having problems with the supplier just not sending stuff or sending the wrong bits so that still isn't up and running.

    My knifemaking this year has been so interrupted. Every knifemaking course I have run has produced more knives in a weekend than I have all year. At least the good thing to come from that is the courses are coming along well.

    Alistair Phillips
    Spare time knife maker - Designer of the Spyderco Kapara

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    Re: Bad news about Adelaide

    Bad luck, I know how much time shed you lose with injury, like my back.

    I am looking foward to Adelaide.

    At least the courses are going well.
    Stewart Townsend
    Australian Knifemakers Guild

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