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  2. Trade Wanted Randall for Randall
  3. Trade Wanted Benchmade 485 valet for trade
  4. Trade Wanted Benchmade proxy for trade
  5. Trade Wanted Spyderco 'Super Military' CTS-204P
  6. Trade Wanted Benchmade sequel NLR FINISHED
  7. Trade Wanted BRKT mini fox river
  8. Trade Wanted TAD edc fast pack foliage green
  9. Trade Wanted Wanting to trade a few off-Withdrawn
  10. Trade Wanted Wanting to trade a few for something new-withdrawn due to lack of interest
  11. Trade Wanted Titanium canteen and carrier system
  12. Trade Wanted Fallkniven s1 pro
  13. Trade Wanted Spyderco M4 Military Ti Framelock Sprint
  14. Trade Wanted Garmin etrex 35t for trade
  15. Winkler Belt Knife
  16. Lon Humphrey Kephart
  17. Tritium keychain
  18. Swap bravo 1 sheaths
  19. Trade Wanted Spyderco Sage 1 for trade
  20. Trade Completed Spyderco Karahawk bnib
  21. Trade Completed Done, too picky
  22. Trade Wanted LBT sbr bag for trade
  23. Small inkosi insingo
  24. Trade Completed Sold
  25. Trade Wanted Garmin 66s
  26. Benchmade infidel fixed blade
  27. Trade Wanted Watches for trade
  28. Bulk lot swap of knives
  29. Trade Completed Sold
  30. Trades with 4 sale items
  31. Bushnell yardage pro range finder
  32. Trade Completed A watch for a knife
  33. Trade Completed Withdrawn
  34. Kleenex EXTRA large