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  2. EnZo Hunting Knife Kit $67 (Create Your Own)
  3. $89 incl Oz wide shipping: Simple to complete Chef knife kit
  4. 2-day Knife Kit workshop in Sydney in March 2016
  5. Leather Sheath Kit: Pouch style $36 incl freight in Australia
  6. Fishing Knife kit: $79 incl freight in Australia - Create Your Own
  7. Made In Sweden, Mora classic blade with aussie handle: $49 incl freight in Oz
  8. EnZo Piili 85, Gentleman's folder in Elmax and G10
  9. EnZo Birk 75, CPM S30V steel and Black G10 scales
  10. Micarta Handle Scales $29-$33 incl freight. Ivory Linen Micarta, Canvas/Paper Micarta
  11. EnZo Birk folder with Carbon fiber scales, scandi grind
  12. New EnZo Elver model: Scandi Grind and G-10 handle scales
  13. Best online buying experience
  14. Micarta handle scales: $25 including shipping
  15. Tang Hole Saw for Stick Tang blades $34
  16. New quality EDCs: EnZo Birk 75 in Scandi and Flat Grind, Desert Ironwood, Curly Birch
  17. Give-away / Competiton: Hunting Knife Making Kit for a Joke
  18. Knife Makers File Guide, Stainless Steel with protected Carbide face $100
  19. New EnZo Borka 90: Scandi Grind Folder in N690Co with Green Canvas Micarta Scales
  20. Colourful Acrylic knief handle blocks now in stock, check them out
  21. 23rd-25th of June: Sydney Wood & Working with Timber show 25% off entry ticket
  22. Some stabilised and dyped maple burl handle blocks, quite colourful!
  23. New Carbide Faced Stainless Steel File Guide, the V2
  24. Ironwood Birk75
  25. Mosaic Pins in stock from $15-$30
  26. Pre-hardened Damascus Billets, $59 - $109
  27. Lawrie's build thread
  28. My new Enzo Trapper 95 Elmax Blade
  29. Hand Forged Cleaver Blade and Handle Materials Knife Making Kit $128
  30. CreativeMan.com.au at the Canberra Knife Show this Sunday 3rd of December
  31. File Guide v3 new model: Screwed-on Carbides
  32. bulk-buy of 1084 Carbon Steel: $100 for 3 bars including freight to Australia or NZ
  33. New version of the Knife Makers File Guide: V4 takes 70 mm wide and 40 mm thick blade
  34. New model: Brisa Bobtail with Mustard Micarta Scales and MultiCarry Sheath
  35. File guides back in stock
  36. 10% off CreativeMan.com.au for QLD Knife Show Pre-orders
  37. Bevel Jig for File Guide
  38. BLADE show June 7th-9th 2019 in Atlanta
  39. Knife Making Bevel Jig & File Guide Combo
  40. BigMert: Custom file guide, twice as big
  41. BULK BUY Pricing: 1084 Carbon Steel