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  1. Welcome
  2. Knives from power hacksaw blades
  3. Garden tools (machete thingy, ugly bill and rusty Kukri)
  4. work in progress - the next batch
  5. Kit Knives an Kydex. And a card wallet. And 2 I made.
  6. 1 Reshaped and rehandled cleavers
  7. Bowies and clip points and kydex oh my.
  8. More hacksaw knife plus 6 in progress
  9. Hacksaw knife experiment time with pewter (ok it's not pewter) (in progress)
  10. Cooking type knife shape with layered wood handle
  11. D2 hunter type thingies x 3
  12. In progress but mostly finished - 1084 steel sabre ground chopper knife.
  13. Stainless hardened core pattern welded steel in the mail letís make a little knife
  14. Stop!! Ladder time - ladder pattern welded clip point (in progress)
  15. Little ladder pattern utility knife in progress (plus plain knife)
  16. Another in progress pattern welded hard core knife
  17. Drop point hunter lace sheok handle with hard core
  18. Moar hard cored pattern welded knives plus 1 other
  19. Hard core flat ground hunter micarta and g10 spacers
  20. Hard core steel and red white blue G10
  21. Hard core ladder pattern sheepsfoot with tiger stripped dymondwood stuff
  22. I finally haz a logo(still in the mail), a new shed and some unfinished blades.
  23. Hello warny + 1st use of my logo (which got destroyed)
  24. Spear point, purple handle, hard cored patterned steel
  25. Bowie with burlap micarta stuff
  26. Hard cored SS patterned steel and green "c tek"
  27. Blue handle + SS hard cored patterned welded steel
  28. Beauty (raindrop ss hard core);and the beast(saw blade cleaver)???
  29. Hard cored pattern welded sheepsfoot and purple.
  30. San mai pattern welded steel and antler ( plus 1 other)
  31. San mai pattern welded outer and horn
  32. Warncliffe - San mai pattern welded and sheoak
  33. San Mai sheepsfoot
  34. San mai bowie Resin and mallee root
  35. Too much spare time so more knives.