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  1. Welcome
  2. Welcome to Knife Grinders
  3. Knife Grinders' banner at the coming Sydney Knife Show on 05-06 August
  4. Sharpening CPM S35VN Sebenza
  5. Ex-display discounted BESS edge sharpness tester PT50B Professional is available
  6. Software for Tormek, Scheppach, Jet, Record, Triton, Elmos and paper wheels.
  7. Knife makers invited
  8. PaperWheel software update
  9. No man is prophet in his own country?
  10. PT50 sharpness testing technique and factors affecting accuracy
  11. Sharpness Chart
  12. Paper Wheel Controlled-Angle Support manual
  13. New level of sharpness achieved!
  14. Our Industrial Customers
  15. bevel symmetry and sharpness
  16. last chance to get Paper Wheel Supports at the low price
  17. Sharper Than Razors sharpening detailed
  18. Sharpening for knifemaker twice as sharp as a razor
  19. The Sharpest Knife Contest rules for the Sydney Knife Show 2018
  20. Price increase for BESS sharpness testers and media from June
  21. Counterfeit detection
  22. New ATF-10G for sharpness testers
  23. Steeling
  24. New fulcrum KF-10R for sharpness testers
  25. Insane sharp by our customers
  26. What Nathan's videos tell us about edge retention.
  27. We discontinue distribution of BESS sharpness testers
  28. Replacement for BESS-certified test media
  29. Our deburring process
  30. The sharpest knife in UK scores 139 BESS
  31. How we sharpen serrated kitchen knives
  32. Our CBN wheels production run
  33. Grinding and honing software for Tormek updated