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  1. For Sale Specific Rules of the “Custom Sales by Maker” Sub Forum
  2. For Sale Mefflin Knives - Woodlore 12c27 steel 3.5mm width gidgee scales
  3. For Sale Heavy cleaver - 52100 and Juma
  4. For Sale Ironbark Knives "Silky Gomboy /Bahco Laplander" Sheaths
  5. For Sale Full Titanium Warhammer
  6. For Sale RWL-34 triple gum Utility
  7. For Sale W2 small game drop point / small game skinner
  8. For Sale Ironbark "Gidgee/turquoise Bushcrafter" (Fileworked)
  9. For Sale 12C27 Snottygobble petty
  10. For Sale Cancelled knife show sales 80crv2 drop points
  11. For Sale No show stock sale D2,nitroV hunters & mammoth/d2 utility
  12. For Sale up-sweeps and little fellas
  13. For Sale A2 d2