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  1. Welcome to your new forum.
  2. Here's some of my knife builds
  3. A couple of cooks knives
  4. latest project
  5. I like mini's too
  6. Some photos
  7. My website
  8. Adelaide Knife Show
  9. A set of knives, sushi and chefs
  10. Adelaide Knife Show, my toy bag
  11. Mirror Polish
  12. Testing the edge
  13. First project for 2012
  14. A medium sized hunter / skinner
  15. Something other than the usual
  16. A fish filleter
  17. A wedding present
  18. This is what happens when you're listening to the cricket
  19. what's on the bench at the moment
  20. Closed order book until end of 2013
  21. the Dutch Knife Show 2013
  22. About time I posted something new
  23. a few recent knives
  24. A knife makers knife
  25. A pair of pointy piggy prickers
  26. Medium deer hunter
  27. The 2014 Belgian Knife Show
  28. Ah, how they grow up..
  29. smell that cheese
  30. Another problem solved by making something pointy
  31. Damasteel cooks knife
  32. Something for the Adelaide Knife Show
  33. A matching cooks and paring set
  34. A nice little hunter with laminated steel
  35. large camp knife and fish filletter in damascus
  36. last one before Christmas, a damasteel carving knife in presentation box
  37. small pits in RWL34 blade comments please
  38. A trout knife
  39. charcuterie knife
  40. engraved hunter as a wedding present
  41. a hunter and small cooks off the bench
  42. camel hunter
  43. summinagashi laminated steel knives
  44. Prosciutto knife
  45. snakewood fish filletter in presentation box
  46. Something nice and flashy
  47. getting a couple ready for the Adelaide Show 2016
  48. a matching pair of hunter/skinners
  49. huntin' and fishin'
  50. snakewood camp knife
  51. Been mucking around with the new camera box
  52. hunter in polished RWL34
  53. large hunter in CPMS35VN
  54. Test post of Instagram video on ABF
  55. bushcraft knife photo and video
  56. art Nouveau kitchen cleaver photos and video
  57. Sydney Knife Show
  58. Damasteel utility
  59. RWL34 tanto on the way
  60. Tanto, in polished RWL34 with snakewood
  61. chefs knife in polished Damasteel
  62. cooks knife for the Adelaide Knife Show
  63. WIP, a hunting bowie.
  64. Hunter in RWL34 with bubinga burl
  65. when you like pizza
  66. NEW PHOTOS AND VIDEO ADDED, A nicely big carving knife in polished RWL34
  67. short tanto in stonewashed 52100
  68. Damasteel hunter skinner and fishing knife
  69. Bohler M390 hunter skinner
  70. Pointy is as pointy does
  71. CPMREX121 and a fixed blade pocket knife
  72. fish filletter in rwl34
  73. large hunting knife, sheath and matching belt
  74. Cooks knife in M390
  75. couple of new things I'm working on
  76. Hunter in CPMS110V
  77. Warrick's Fatwood Appreciation Page