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  1. Introduction, some of my work and an ABF discount!
  2. Pictures: Sheath for HTM RKK Desert Enforcer
  3. Opinel No8 Sheath
  4. New pouch
  5. Leather work - random June, enjoy =-)
  6. Piggyback Leather Sheath for Custom Knife Combo
  7. Belt SALE! Custom made Classic Leather Belt sale for July!
  8. Sunday Leather pix fix =-)
  9. Custom Sheath's Nov 2013
  10. Ever made upland bird gear? - game belts, carriers, shell holders?
  11. New leather sheath from Josh for my busse.
  12. A matching set
  13. 0550 leather sheath made by josh!
  14. Sending customers to you?
  15. Gerber freeman guide fixed blade
  16. Open for business!
  17. Come and say G'day!