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05-12-2015, 16:14
Hello Knife Enthusiasts ,
This is my first attempt at posting anything to any Forum , so hopefully it is acceptable ! During recent discussions with Dutchy357 he has encouraged me to post some images of a 2 blade clasp knife that I bought at Moonta Antique Fair in early November 2015 . As can be seen from the images it has a double Pheon impression on the scales ? Most references I have seen regarding this marking indicate that this is done when items are sold out of service ? I have a couple of 1900 dated tube whistles, similarly marked , so I have included some images of those as well. The only other markings on the Clasp knife are the date & the single Pheon on the blade ?

I would be interested to see images of other similarly marked knives or maybe someone else may know other explanations for them ?

Regards Qwertypassword.

Chris in Melbourne
05-12-2015, 17:24
Welcome to the forum!

You are correct, the double stamped Arrows pointing together means the item was sold out of service.

I've some Martini Henry, Martini Enfield and some cadet rifles and bayonets with the same marking.

It's an immediate indicator that the item was legitimately sold and not pinched while still owned by the Crown.



07-12-2015, 20:54

Interesting post.

Thanks for the info Chris.

Has anyone else got any kit with opposing pheons?

Lets see it if you have.


10-03-2016, 18:16
Bit late to see this post catching up a bit. This is from " Australian Service Longarms " by Ian Skennerton. here are some of the markings used. Im pretty sure they are always on firearms surprise to see them on whistles and clasp knives.27821

Here it is on the receiver of a SMLE.