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12-06-2016, 23:53
Acquired a piece and was hoping to find out some information on it. The only markings on the knife are N^Z with no markings on the sheath. I included a photo with an F&S fighting knife for comparison.
Blade length 140 mm
Grip length 111mm
Blade width 14.35 mm
Blade thickness 4.85 mm
Guard thickness 2.96 mm
Sheath length 255 mm

13-06-2016, 20:36
G'day usaf25

Interesting knife.

I have not seen one of that design before.

I would be more than a little bit worried about the marks on it. They are individual stamps. That in itself is not the major concern. The pheon /I\ is not a single stamp, it appears to be an off centre, upside down V with an I added.

My best guess would be a so called theatre made or possibly a small engineering firm making individual pieces with the markings added to improve the authenticity.

The sheath is certainly professionally made and consistent with the era.

Sorry that I am not much help.


13-06-2016, 20:37
I'm a but sceptical on this one

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13-06-2016, 20:50
Looks like a short blade I think they had it worked out the length of the blade required to do the job and the S & K was it.

14-06-2016, 11:41
I was concerned with the markings but couldn't pass it up for the price. The blade is very well along with the sheath. The guard is made of aluminum.

14-06-2016, 12:43
Agree with everything Dutchy has said. Plus the loop on the sheath doesn't look like anything I've seen on military sheaths, also aluminium was scarce during the war so not likely to be used on the guard (these were normally steel). I'd have been very hesitant to spend any money on this (and "bargains" always ring alarm bells when it comes to these things)...

14-06-2016, 12:56
I was concerned with the markings but couldn't pass it up for the price. The blade is very well along with the sheath. The guard is made of aluminum.


These are the sort of decisions we all make from time to time!

Plenty of aluminium and perspex found its way in to "Theatre Knives"! No doubt from downed aircraft!

This again points to a Theatre made knife!


14-06-2016, 23:09
I have a different opinion Dutchy. I've seen plenty of theatre made stuff as well as ones made clearly after the war that some people still class as "theatre made". However, there's a clear attempt to mark this as military issue (and I think we both agree that there's evidence to the contrary). So if it isn't military issued, then I'm afraid that I would call it "fake". Blokes coming home from the war would only put that mark on there if they were aiming at forgery, and if it was applied later by an unscrupulous owner - then he sealed its fate IMO.

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15-06-2016, 06:16
Appreciate all the feedback. It is especially nice to see no sugar coating, just tell it like it is. I have bought military pieces that I thought were original and found out later that they were fakes, ouch. This piece I got at a garage sale, they wanted $18 but talked her down to $12. It may be messed up with some spurious markings but the blade and sheath are extremely well made and worth the investment. When I do decide to part with it, it won't be advertised as a rare authentic WWII New Zealand fighting knife.

I'll have to go through my drawers and see what other pieces I can come up with. Thanks again for all the comments guys.

15-06-2016, 07:21
Hi usaf25

I would have paid $12.00 for it as well. It is certainly worth that as a curio and as a "Talking Piece".

I figure you have probably got your $12.00 worth watching this discussion!! :)

What else have you got?


15-06-2016, 10:22
Yep, $12 well spent!

I call it "McDonalds money" - if I can spend that amount on lunch, then it's hardly money wasted if I buy a knife with it :-)

15-06-2016, 13:23
Yes great deal

26-06-2016, 23:55
haha what a deal 12 bucks.. :O.. its genuine.. the sheath is typical saddlry of the time in n.z. you can see plent of old butchers knives and some british made hunting knives done up in scabbards like that too. some times with butchers steels .
its what happens when you get somebody who makes saddles and ask for a knife sheath :P