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31-07-2016, 16:45
Hi all,

I've been asked for some advice from an Officer looking to purchase a British Infantry sword for ceremonial purposes.

The Military shop stocks two models. One significantly more than the other.

Crisp and Sons is the expensive model.

Windlass appears to be the other brand.

WKC in Solingen is another option.

I am waiting on a response from Crisp and Sons, but WKC use 1045 steel.

Does anyone have experience, knowledge of these brands, or have suggestions for other makers?



31-07-2016, 18:15
Fit and finish is going to be better on the Crisp and Sons sword than on the Windlass, IMO

Pooley could be a better option, as they seem to have more connections to supplying the armed forces
They basically took over from Wilkinson Sword.

Infantry Sword - Pooley Sword (http://pooleysword.com/en/Infantry_Sword)

Windlass is probably ok, but you do get what you pay for
Windlass Swords - The SBG Overview (http://www.sword-buyers-guide.com/windlass-swords.html)

If the Officer orders direct from the company, I suspect it will be significantly cheaper than buying from an Australian seller.

Also, is the ADF paying for the sword or is the Officer paying for it out of their own pocket?

All of these sellers seem to do an 1897 Pattern infantry sword. is that what the officer is after?

31-07-2016, 22:06
Thanks for the reply SteelIsReal,

I will have a look at the Pooley Sword as well. I noted that the Crisp and Sons could be ordered direct and was going to suggest that. The Officer is going to be paying out of her own pocket, which is why double the money for the Crisp and Sons was being questioned. She is definitely after the 1987 Infantry sword as that is her Corps designated sword.