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23-10-2017, 22:02
Hi Guys

After WW2 Australia still held stocks of Australian made wartime production clasp knives. However, as these started to run out they were gradually replaced with stainless steel clasp knives. Initially, these knives were supplied from Great Britain.

The stainless steel knives started to come in to service during the Malayan Emergency. No doubt partly because the Australian troops supporting the British would have received a lot of field kit from the Brits.

The knife supplied at that time was a two bladed knife that had only the blade and tin opener and did not include a marlin spike. It had no distinguishing marks to identify it as an Australian issue. JH Thompson is one of the makers that I have been able to identify. I suspect that there were other makers.


This was followed in 1970 with a 2 bladed British clasp knife that was the first clasp knife to carry the Australian NSN. All of these knives were made by Joseph Rodgers and bear the dates 1/1970, 4/1970 and 6/1971.


All subsequent stainless steel clasp knives have included the marlin spike, but we will deal with them at a later date.

Please feel free to add photo's of your stainless steel two bladed knives.

If anyone has any information on British stainless steel clasp knives issued from 1950 I would be very appreciative.

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15-11-2017, 21:51
Hello All,
Here are a few more examples by , RBS (Richards Brothers & Sons) 1953 & 1956 , J.B. Holland 1954 & Warris 1953 , all Sheffield makers.

Hopefully the images attach ?

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