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06-11-2017, 23:11
Hi Guys

Here is a fine example of a so called Theatre Knife. These knives were made in every thing from small engineering shops, sometimes by backyard knife makers, in workshops on ships and workshops in the field.

Theatre made knives are something that I usually steer well clear of. Without provenance they could have been made any where at any time.

However this knife is different. It was owned by a former WW2 RAAF pilot by the name of Flight Lieutenant David Jones who flew in New Guinea during the war, David obtained this knife from an American flyer while in New Guinea. I had the pleasure of meeting David and he let me have the knife to photograph at my leisure. He has since donated it to the local RSL. I have written about Flight Lieutenant David Jones here on my web page (http://www.australianmilitaryknives.com/machete.html#jones).



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07-11-2017, 08:37
Bloody hell! One look at that thing and the enemy would run a mile I reckon. Looks heavy though. Nice piece.

07-11-2017, 09:46
So, the sheath looks like leather on one side and aluminium the other. Possibly aircraft skin, used for patching battle damage, held together with aircraft rivets, the dimple head one for working on wing patches. Handle looks like leather, red rubber or gasket material and is that layers of brass or plexiglass yellowed with age? All signs that the knife was made at a place where aircraft repairs were made, which doesn't narrow it down much.