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15-05-2018, 11:17
Hey Gents,
a few of my bayonets, you may have seen them before, I posted em on another site some years back. All in very good nick. Obviously my favorite is the hookey.
Pattern '13 Remington (1916), Pattern 1907 Orange (1943), Pattern 1907 Sanderson (1909).


16-05-2018, 08:33
The P'07 Sanderson is date stamped 12 1909, has several Enfield issue & acceptance marks, the X bend test and broad arrow. Interestingly, still has the hooked quillion fitted but has the sold out of service X on the pommel.



Both the bayonet & scabbard have matching Tasmanian rack numbers T394, the scabbard is correct for the period with the teardrop button. The scabbard leather also has Enfield issue stamps and '09 dates.




This bayonet appears to be one from the first batch issued to recruits who signed up in Hobart for WW1.

I picked it up from a bloke who moved from NSW to Tassie about 20 years ago, he got it off an old ex Tasmanian WW1 digger in Sydney. Upon cleaning it I discovered a name & date faintly penciled on the the scabbard leather, DAVID FORD Nov 10th 1915.


Military records suggest this man, Arnold David Ford (aka David) signed up on three occasions. The first time in August 1914, service number 440 (awfully close to the rack number of the bayonet) 12 battalion 3rd brigade, he didn't last long before being discharged medically unfit after a breach of regulations. His second enlistment, 2736, 8th reinforcements 15th battalion, June 1915, saw him at Gallipoli for several months (corresponding to the date written on the scabbard in pencil) where he recieved field punishment on several occasions for using insubordinate language to a superior officer, absent without leave and conduct to the predjudice of good order and military discipline. After some medical issues he was eventually shipped back to Australia and discharged medically unfit not due to misconduct, a strange use of words...... His last enlistment attempt failed in December 1917.
Arnold David Fords last known address on his military record shows Annandale, a suburb of Sydney.

16-05-2018, 10:06
Great research, thanks:thup:, it's always good to hear about the blokes who carried the gear, and old mate Dave sounds like a lovable rogue, gotta' luv' a bloke who gets up his superior orificer:D