Occasionally people make a bulk order of various items and they may wish to invite others to participate. This is often done to lower and or share the costs of things like shipping.

Note 1
NO items can be included in these offers that would infringe on any import laws or would be considered illegal by any state or federal laws. If any offer posted here is suspected of contravening this rule all participants risk an instant ban. The person making the offer MUST include a warning at the top of the offer declaring that no illegal items will be included in the purchase.

Note 2
The forum will NOT in any way be involved in any part of the bulk purchase or anyone's participation in it. This area is to list the bulk purchase offer ONLY. All discussion, including organisation, details and disputes, MUST be conducted offline such as via PM or email. Any posts other than the original offer will be deleted.

If in doubt about what can, or can't, be posted here, contact me via PM