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Thread: Is this an Australian Army Stiletto?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ausblade View Post
    Seams like a reasonable classification until you think; well which theatre of WW2 did they have access to lathes and nickel plating facilities between battles?

    Ive seen a lot of WW2 improvised combat knives they vary from a crudely fashioned blade rapped in a rag or rope handle, fashioned in the field by an infantry soldier, to quite well made articles fashioned in machine shops on capital ships for the navy blokes to trade with marines for genuine battlefield souvenirs.
    More common is the cottage industry knife made in the home front for private sale to soldiers on leave, many of these were made from blades that came out of the backdoor of Sheffield factories in lunch boxes.
    My assessment of this knife, a post war Sheffield SF blade and sheath assembled for ebay sale.
    That pretty much sums it up. Unless the item bears some kind of inscription or comes with rock solid provenance, it's impossible to call it "theatre made"

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    Cool A final word!

    Hi Guys

    A final word on this knife.

    I have been sent these photo's with following comment:



    "I have enclosed a couple of photos of a knife I recovered from under a wharf at a popular fishing spot in Ballina and no it did not fall
    off the Krait while it was being restored.
    I found this knife in the 70s-80s people classified it as a Japanese made fishing knife. I think it is similar to the one being offered on ebay."


    Australian Military Knives

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