Hey Everyone,
We're running the South Coast Knife show on the 4th of October in Central Tilba. Last time we ran it we had a great turn out of people through the door and a good amount of sales. I expect the same this year or even better, but we need more makers to fill some tables. It's going to look crap if we have over 400 people coming in looking at 4 tables.

I'm happy to do a half table if that's all the stock you have or you're a new maker and you don't have anything to sell just the 4 knives you've made and super proud of, bring them along and show them off.
Knife shows are just as much about showing our art, as they are about possibly making some cash.

So $20 a table, if you're interested have a look at https://www.facebook.com/southcoastk...w?ref=settings
then email me at mothermountainforge@gmail.com