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Thread: Hard core flat ground hunter micarta and g10 spacers

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    Hard core flat ground hunter micarta and g10 spacers

    Hard cored pattern welded stainless steel blade with patterned micarta (or you know micarta like) handle with 2 G10 spacers. Steel and micarta bought from Aliexpress. With this one I was aiming for a drop point hunting knife type blade - I know a few hunters so this might be something they would like.

    Dark core in the middle is hardened steel - some where around 57 rockwell apparently. One handle rivet is about 1 mm off center. DOH!!!!!

    The handle details. The 2 spacers turned out ok. Stainless corby rivets. Stainless thong tube

    Other side ... I ground the blade a little thinner then what I wanted but I had a bit of a whoopsy with the 50 grit belt so there were some deep scratches to get out.

    Handle material before finishing up.

    Did some draw filing...

    the original pattern

    too fat ..

    Better - fits in the hand nice. I ground 2mm roughly off the back of both scales to have more micarta material on the handle when I got down to final thickness (I dunno I was thinking that the wavy pattern in the handle scales might mostly be on the outside of the scales)
    Thanks for looking
    Too many photos perhaps.

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