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Thread: Dynasty Forge Musha Katana

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    Post Dynasty Forge Musha Katana

    Hi all! I have a pretty decent (in my opinion) collection of production katana and wakizashi. I'm thinning the collection out somewhat to make room for other interests/hobbies at the moment. I had no luck with sales on Ebay, then figured this would be a far better idea - my chances of finding someone who will give some of my swords a good home are way better on this forum I would think!

    So, here's the details for the first item I am hoping to re-home:

    I have decided to thin out my collection of Japanese swords by selling 1-2 of them. None of my swords have ever done anything but be on display - no cutting of anything whatsoever. It's never even been swung or handled much. It has only occasionally been taken off the rack to show someone the blade or for dusting! Consequently it's in absolutely perfect condition.

    Dynasty Forge make some of the best production swords in the world and compete with companies like Hanwei/Paul Chen. This particular model, the Musha Class Musashi katana, is made of 1060 spring steel and is mono-tempered, meaning it doesn't have the 'hamon' or visible whitish wave that comes with differentially tempered blades. That serves to keep cost down - this is much cheaper than some of its counterparts that make use of different forging methods and materials.

    For stock photos (they're really good pics!) check out Note the prices here are in USD, and shipping costs of something this large/heavy makes importing from the US impractical.

    This particular sword is one of the most beautiful I have ever owned (look at the shape of it - wow!) and is worth significantly more than what I am asking, noting its condition and how hard they are to get ahold of. For further comparison, this sword would compete directly with Hanwei's 'Practical Pro' series of katanas.

    Make this piece a fantastic beginning or addition to your own collection! I am advertising this piece for $580. If you're at all interested please message me via this forum, on 0407 306 007, or by email at Thanks
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