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Thread: Nami Wakizashi with antiqued fittings

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    Nami Wakizashi with antiqued fittings

    Hi again everyone! Here's the details on the other sword I am currently looking to sell - the Nami Wakizashi.

    I am selling this fantastic example of a wakizashi only due to downsizing my collection (see images!). None of my swords have ever been used in any way outside of being on display. They are all absolutely 'real' production katana/wakizashi, I'm just not into cutting practice or martial arts etc, so all they do is sit there and look pretty!

    This sword is forged from T10 high carbon steel, and is traditionally made using differential hardening techniques which produces the beautiful 'hamon' wave on the blade. The fittings are all in an antiqued style, and the tsuka-ito is leather - somewhat unusual for production katana/wakizashi, and gives a really unique feel in the hand.

    I bought this Wakizashi in the USA when I lived there over the last few years. This sale represents amazing value - while weapons like this can be acquired much cheaper in the US, the cost of shipping them to Australia is almost completely prohibitive of the endeavour. Check out this link for more details and more great pictures (JK096A - Nami Wakizashi - Antiqued Fittings - $174.95).

    This is an amazing wakizashi from a manufacturer I had previously not heard of. I would buy their swords again based on the quality of this piece. This sword I would like to sell for $295. As per the last ad, if you're interested please message me on this forum or on 0407 306 007, or email me at Thanks for looking!
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